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Chat room
Online messages
Never  send nude photos
Never clickbait
Every one can see photos
Contacting people

connect poem

Copy write is a big no-no

Only chat with people that you know

NO is always the best answer for sexual pictures

Nobody can control what you do

Enyone can know who you are

Connect to a private account

Tell anyone if someone is being mean to you online

Online Safety


To stay safe online you need to:


1. Make sure that you don't use your real name use a nickname.

2. Your password will need to confuse others be sure to include numbers and random punctuation then people won't know what it is.

3. Some people will pretend to be a YouTuber or someone famous and if they follow you either report them or decline their follow request.

4. Some people pretend to be your friend at school and they ask to meet up after school, if you do end up going to meet them bring a parent/ a trusted adult with you DON'T go alone!

5. If someone is sending you mean or hurtful messages press the repot abuse button and tell an adult also block them so that they can't talk to you anymore.

6. If someone comments a mean message to you don't reply because that will stay there forever.

7. On Snapchat make sure that you don't have your locations on and if you do go on ghost or friends only.

8. Don't give anyone your personal information like where you live or where you go to school.

9. If you have a YouTube chanel set it to private so you get no nasty comments.

10. Make sure you stay safe!


School trip

Just a reminder that you need to be in school by 8.15am

You need wellies and a change of clothes just in case you fall in! Don't forget your school jumper. 

Have a fabulous time. I want to know about everything you do!!! 



Class assembly

Well done everyone a great class assembly. Only 4 weeks of school left! 

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